Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! and My First FREEBIE!

I hope everyone had a lovely Earth Day! I created and uploaded my first product to Teachers pay Teachers last night for Earth Day. I hope you all will check it out and use it this week with your students! :)

This Recycle It! FREEBIE activity was created to integrate Earth Day, recycling, and tallying work. Students will mark a tally for each piece of recyclable material. They will then count the tallies and make their graph. I'm going to use this activity on Thursday when we talk specifically about the last of the 3 R's... Recycling!

Today we read It's Earth Day by Mercer Mayer. I loved the Little Critter books when I was a little girl! And this book was just as cute as I remember all of the books being. In this book, Little Critter is on a mission to save the polar bears from global warming. He learns all about how he can save the planet and the polar bears. He learns that he needs to shut off lights and electronics when he's not using them. He also helps Little Sister save the Earth by turning off the water when she brushes her teeth. Little Critter recycles plastic, paper, and cans with his friends. He finally tries to create his own Climate Control Machine to cool down the planet and save the polar bears. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, but his family became the Climate Control Machines because they started taking better care of the Earth and conserving resources!

My students did a great job brainstorming and identifying things that were good and bad for the Earth! I had them create these awesome "Earth Day Promises" from Cara Carroll today too.

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