Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Ten Christmas Wishes

Day 5!

Ten Christmas Wishes by Claire Freedman
Illustrated by Gail Yerrill

This is a really sweet Christmas story where all the little animals each wish up a star. Each page has a star and a rhyming story to go with it. On each new page, a new star appears for a new animal to wish upon. The animals wish for snow, family, warmth, presents, pie, and lots more in this book! The last star is saved for the reader to close their eyes and make their wish.

I thought this book was really cute and I love that it rhymed because I feel like that just made it sound nicer. Each animal had their own star to wish upon, except Little Bear seemed to have two stars. I'm not sure why though! Also, I know that Christmas for some people is all about presents, but I felt like Little Bear wishing for lots of presents could have been changed to something less materialistic. I still think the book was really cute, and that was actually the only animal that wishes for presents.

Claire Freedman and Gail Yerrill have written and illustrated two other Christmas stories. These two stories include The Christmas Angels and A Magical Christmas. Just from the front covers, you can see that the illustrative styles are very similar to Ten Christmas Wishes. If these books are anything like this one, they should be very cheery and just a feel-good Christmas story. However, while I was reading reviews, I saw that The Christmas Angels did not get the best review on Amazon, so I would definitely like to check that one out at some point.

The illustrations in this book are very warm and colorful, despite the book being about making wishes on stars at night and from the first impression of the book from the front cover. Every page is a full bleed two page spread. I think it's great how in every picture, there is a window or door and the little animal is looking outside, but the house is colorful to represent the happiness and love that is inside with the family. I think that's a great way to depict it. I also like that in each picture a new star is added. Children could easily follow along with this book and practice counting the stars as they got to each page.

Claire Freedman is also the author of the popular children's book series, Aliens Love Underpants illustrated by Ben Cort. This series includes:
Aliens Love Underpants
Aliens in Underpants Save the World
Dinosaurs in Underpants
Pirates in Underpants
Aliens Love Panta Claus
This sounds like an interesting series of books. I might have to check out a couple of these and see what all the hub-bub is about. Also they seem to have a Christmas book as well! How did I miss that one for my special Christmas edition of my blog?!

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