Thursday, December 20, 2012

Review: The Biggest Snowman Ever

Day 2!

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll
Illustrated by Jeni Bassett

"One there were two mice who fell in love with the same snowman, and this is how it happened."

There's a snowman-making contest in Mouseville and all the little mouse kids want to win the contest! Two of the city mice make their own snowmen. One girl makes a princess and one boy makes a martian. Both very respectable looking snowmen, but not big enough to win the prize!

The house mouse, Clayton, and the field mouse, Desmond, went to their homes to make their own snowmen. Each boy egged the other on to see who could make the BIGGEST snowman ever! Both boys worked on their snowmen on their own, adding more and more snow. The story progresses as one boy does something to his snowman, the other boy does the same thing to his snowman. (Even though they're both at their own separate homes and can't see one another.)Their dads both came out to check the snowmen and said "It's going to be big, but will it be the biggest?" and the boys smiled and said "I'm just getting started!"

The boys both come to realize that their snowmen are the same size as everyone else's snowmen, so maybe they should work together to make the biggest snowman! Clayton and Desmond think it over and decide that's a great idea. They build a HUGE snowman! Bigger than both of them!! They win the contest and realize that it's good to work together with your friends.

I think this is a really cute book with a great message about friendship and working together - teamwork! I think children would get a lot out of it too. They need to learn to work together with their friends as well. Making and keeping friends is definitely something that we talk about in kindergarten because so many of our little guys say that so and so isn't their friend.

I thought the illustrations were really cute in this book too. The illustrator, Jeni Bassett, has done a great job showing how the two boys were working on their snowmen but were separate. When one boy is working one the left page, there is a huge tree where the pages fold, the other boy can be seen really small in the background on the right page. I think that showed how what the boys were doing paralleled one another.

Steven Kroll and Jeni Bassett have created a series of books that follow Clayton and Desmond through special times in their lives. Below are five that I could find. There might be more, but I couldn't find them on Amazon and it doesn't seem like there's a website that talks about all of them either!


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