Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Clifford's Good Deeds

Clifford's Good Deeds by Norman Bridwell

In this Clifford book, Clifford the Big Red Dog wants to help out his friend, Tim. Clifford and Emily Elizabeth go out with Tim and try to do good deeds for the community. First they helped a man rake leaves. But Clifford's allergic to leaves and he sneezed. Leaves went everywhere! The man was not happy because he had to pick them all up. Then they helped a lady paint her fence. It looked great until Clifford got excited and wagged his giant tail, throwing white paint all over the house. The lady was not happy and asked them not to help clean up the house. Clifford is just trying to be a good dog and everything he does to just too big. Tim tells Clifford he probably shouldn't help him anymore. Clifford's sad until there's a fire down the street. He's tall enough that he can stand next to the house for the people to climb down to safety. Finally Clifford's big size helped him!

I just read this book on Storia by Scholastic. It was awesome. I don't have an iPad, but apparently you can download Storia to your computer. It was very interactive. If you want it to read the story to you it will, it also has little lightening bolts that mean that there are questions kids can answer within the text. I received five free books for downloading Storia today. And it's all free to download! (until you have to buy more books....) It's great because the adult controls the books and creates bookshelves for each of their children, or students, and the children can't access the Storia Store to buy more books without the adult's password. It also keeps Reading Reports on each child. It tracks how many books they've opened, how long they spent reading, and how many words they looked up while reading their books.

I remember having and reading so many Clifford books when I was little. And I'm pretty sure there was also a TV show at some time too? I picked a book up a few weeks ago and showed it to Andy and he said he never liked Clifford. So sad. I think Clifford has so many different stories that you could always find one to fit whatever you're going to talk about with your class. There are books on Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving. There are board books for little kids (think ABCs & Animal Sounds). They've also written leveled readers starring Clifford and Emily Elizabeth!

Check out Scholastic's Clifford page for many cool things to do with students! There are interactive stories, printables, lesson plans, and so much more. On Sept. 24th, Clifford is having a live webcast of his biggest birthday ever! You can register for that on the website as well.

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