Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: There's No Place Like Space

There's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe
Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz

Dr. Seuss, Thing One and Thing Two take Sally and her brother out on a ride through space to explore the nine planets in the solar system. The characters visit each planet and learn a fun little fact about it and it's order in the line up. The book is written in rhyme like other Dr. Seuss books to show children that learning can be fun and entertaining! One poem I thought was really interesting and I did not know about was:
Saturn has rings.
It's so light--
who would think?
It could float in an ocean
and not even sink! (p. 22-23)
This book is part of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library. This is a collection of nonfiction titles written for young children to explore science topics in the natural world. They're written as an introduction to these topics so children can build on this knowledge later. There is a wide variety of books in this series. Some other books are:
Ice is Nice: All About the North and South Poles
Fine Feathered Friends: All About Birds
Oh, the Pets You Can Get: All About Our Animal Friends
but there are many, many more! I like that some of the titles are based on older Dr. Seuss book titles like One Cent, Two Cent, Old Cent, New Cent: All About Money. That's pretty cute!

One thing I'm not sure about with this book is if it is considered fiction or nonfiction. I would say nonfiction because it is full of facts and it has a glossary, index, and section on further reading, but the characters are fictional, so I'm not positive!

As with all books (nonfiction, especially!), the teacher must be sure that the information in the book is accurate. The author does not include sources for her information, but I think that this book is pretty accurate just because of the knowledge I have about the planets. I would have liked to see sources however.
In this book, Pluto is still listed as a planet and as we know, Pluto is no longer a planet. :( Here's an article from National Geographic about why Pluto is no longer a planet and what makes a planet. Without Pluto, the awesome poem the author came up with to remember the nine planets in order is ruined!
nine hundred ninety-nine
pizzas! (p. 28)
Check out Seussville to find a lot of games and activities for children. There you will find information about all of the Dr. Seuss books as well as the books in the Learning Library. It is a very interactive website that children will love!

I got this awesome book from my sister for my birthday! She knew I was collecting books to start my classroom library and went to the thrift store and bought me a bunch of books! I'm so excited to read and review them and then put them in my future classroom for my future students to enjoy! Thanks Melissa! She also got me Book Fiesta! which was just awesome. :)

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