Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Star-Bubble Trouble

Star-Bubble Trouble by Cecilia Galante
Illustrated by Kristi Valiant

The third book in the Little Wings series by Cecilia Galante is about Willa Bean, a little cupid, and her class' cloudtrip to Cloud Nine! This is the first cloudtrip that Willa Bean and her friends have ever been on with school and they are very excited. At Cloud Nine they will practice with their bows and arrows and then spend the rest of the afternoon playing at Waterworld!

There's only one thing that's keeping Willa Bean from having as much fun as possible. Her baby brother, Louie, has lost his favorite red rubber star-bubble ball and he is not happy. He cried and fussed all night. Willa Bean comes up with a plan to get Louie a new ball, but faces some issues in her plan.

I thought this book was very appropriate for the age level as far as content and language. I also thought the overall message of being kind to other people and doing what is right was very important for young children to see.

I think this is a cute little book for young girls. It seems like a lot of little girls are interested in fairies and providing them with books that they are interested in is very important in getting them to love reading. I love that this book is part of a series too. When children find a book that they like in a series, I think they're more likely to keep reading them because they know if they liked the first one, they'll probably like the next one. I know that's how I was and even now, as an adult I do the same thing.

Willa Bean on the cloudbus with her class.
The illustrations were created by Kristi Valiant. Check out her website and her blog to learn more about her and her work. I thought they were very creative. I would really help beginning readers to see what is happening in the book. I think it also helps bridge the gap between picturebooks and chapter books because there aren't quite as many pictures, but they're still there. The cover is the only picture in color. The illustrations inside seem to be pencil or pen drawings. With this method, the illustrator is able to depict emotion in the character's faces, which I think is important for children to see as well!

I was very pleased with this book and I think it would be a good read for beginning readers. The book is on the 2.4 Reading Level. Below are the other books that are currently in the series. Check those out too! (The 4th one will be out the day after Christmas, which doesn't really make sense to me...)

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