Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Squish The Power of the Parasite

Squish: The Power of the Parasite by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm

In the third book of the Squish series, Squish is sent to a summer day camp to learn how to swim. He only had two options in choosing a camp.. Swim camp or Ballet camp. The only problem is that Squish doesn't know how to swim and last time he tried to swim, he almost drown! So he's a little nervous. Then he meets a new friend, Basil. Basil is a hydra, but he doesn't swim either. They're getting along really great until Basil starts taking jokes a little too far. He stings other students and the teacher with his tentacles. Squish is not too happy about that and he stops hanging out with him so Basil stings him to make his new friend laugh. Squish uses the ballet his friends taught him to send Basil away forever!

Another storyline in this book is the comic book that Squish reads. This book stars Super Amoeba and the Parasite. They join forces to form a Superhero Partnership until the Parasite starts being mean. He doesn't pay for the pizza he orders, he doesn't rescue cats from trees, and then he starts stealing money from the bank! Super Amoeba gives the Parasite one chance to leave the money he stole and never comes back... and he does! (Until the next book, maybe?)

Now I realize that many of the books I have read and reviewed are books in which girls would be interested because I pick them out because I'm interested and I'm a girl! Not to say that boys wouldn't like them, but I think books like Star-Bubble Trouble are probably not going to be the first one they pick up. I decided I needed to read more "boy books" for my blog because I'm going to have male students so I need to have books that will keep them interested in reading!
This book, Squish: The Power of the Parasite seems to be the male version of the Babymouse series. (I previously read and reviewed Camp Babymouse.) They are both graphic novels written by Jennifer and Matthew Holm. Both books also are black and white with one color for everything. In this book, the color is green. I think with the topic of this book  is focused on comic books and superheroes that boys will be likely to pick this up to read.

Like in Camp Babymouse, there is a narrator in this book. This time they don't really have conversations with the main character though. The narrator describes what's going on or what time of day it is. I thought the narrator in this book seemed somewhat sarcastic at some points in the book though. Also like in the Babymouse series, there are many onomatopoeias to express emotion and action. Some pages don't even have real words, just sounds!

I thought this was an interesting book that I will be including in my classroom, provided that the students are old enough! (I kind of want to work with the really little guys!) There are three books in the series right now, but the fourth one, Squish: Captain Disaster, will be out at the end of September!

Also, today is my first day of my fall semester of Grad School! I should be finding out who my Cooperating Teacher/Grade/School will be by the end of the week! I'm so excited!! This time next year I hope to be preparing my classroom!!

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