Sunday, July 8, 2012

Review: Tuesday

Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday is an adventure book about one Tuesday night somewhere in the United States when the frogs started flying on their lily pads. Thousands of frogs fill the sky, flying around the birds and over houses. They fly into hanging laundry and into people's houses. After they get taunted by a dog out at night, the flying frogs gang up on the dog to chase it. When the sun starts to rise, their lily pads stop flying. The frogs quickly hop back to their ponds and act like nothing at all happened. But their lily pads are left strewn all over the roads for the people to figure out what happened! The last two pages show the following Tuesday with a pig shadow on a barn to foreshadow the adventures of the next week.

The illustration on the first page, before the title page shows three boxes with frogs. The first picture is a frog on his lily pad on the water, the second picture he starts floating and his eyes get big, and the third picture the frog is up in the air and he's waving down at his friends who has also started to float as well. These illustrations give the reader some idea of what the story is going to be about before they even get to the title page.

David Wiesner is also the illustrator in this story. He uses a sequence of three pictures at the beginning of the story again. The lines on this page are straight across to represent order and tranquility. The pictures depict a turtle on a log and in each picture, we get closer and closer to the turtle. On the next page, he's hidden in his shell because the frogs are flying up on their lily pads. In the next few pages, many diagonal lines are on the pages to show the motion of the frogs flying around.

Wiesner also uses distance to show just how many frogs are flying in the sky. The frogs in the foreground are big while the frogs way back by the houses are tiny to show how far away they are.

I chose this book because my boyfriend mentioned how much he loved this story as a child. I don't specifically remember reading this, but he had such a strong impression of this book that I had to read it. As soon as I mentioned I would be reading picturebooks, he said I had to read Tuesday!

This book is appropriate to use with children in the primary elementary school levels.

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