Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Ocelots

Ocelots: Cats of the Wild by Henry Randall

This is a great little informational picturebook about ocelots. It uses simple sentences and words to give information to children. There is a simple Table of Contents in the front. The book is full of vivid pictures of these beautiful creatures. Ocelots live in the rain forest and forests of North and South America. The book contains information about what the ocelot looks like, what it eats, what the babies look like, and other fun facts.

Words that might be new to children are typed in bold and then defined in the back of the book with a picture in the Words to Know section. There is a short index as well as a website where children who are interested can get further information on ocelots.There are no sources for the information that is included in this book, but if you check out the website link above, there are links to websites that the author used when creating this book.
Ocelots are good swimmers. They hunt for fish, iguanas, and snakes in the water. (p. 18)
For my curriculum, instruction, and assessment class, I am preparing a resource unit on habitats. Students will choose an animal to research and then use my pre-selected books for their research. This ocelot book will be available for them.

I chose this book off the shelf because in high school I did a project on ocelots and they are adorable! Who doesn't want one of these cute little babies?!

This is a great book for early readers who are interested in wild cats. The Cats of the Wild series also has books on Bobcats, Cheetahs, Cougars, Lynxes, and Wildcats.

Find out more about these beautiful creatures on National Geographic's website.

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