Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Audio Books

I have a new appreciation for audio books now.
I love them!
They are the greatest thing ever when you have a one hour drive each way to Grad School. If you haven't tried listening to an audio book while you're driving, you should definitely try it. I've only listened to two books so far, but I plan to continue. I was very skeptical before listening for the first time because I thought I wouldn't be able to follow the story when I wasn't actually seeing the words, but it hasn't been hard at all. Although I'm sure if you listened to something really deep and involved it may be hard to keep track of characters and events, but I haven't come across that problem yet. I love multitasking and this let's me do just that!

Unfortunately, I'm moving next week and I'll be closer to school so I won't have as much time to listen to my books!! (But I'd much rather not be driving in the first place!)

Although I do love a good paper book that I can hold in my hands! :)

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